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Q: Is Pulsair suitable for mixing food products?
A: Pulsair is a completely hygienic method of mixing and allows the use of any compressed gas such as Nitrogen. The in tank components of the system can be easily cleaned in place or completely removed from the tank depending on the type of system:

Q: Compressed air is expensive how can Pulsair cut costs?
A: Pulsair systems are designed to mix vessels faster, cheaper. Pulsair technology is designed to use the minimum amount of air to get the most effective result. Pulsair systems have slashed mixing times from hours to minuets cutting the blending time of a 2.1 mega liter tank from over twelve hours to around 20 minutes. This isn't a one off it's what we do.

Q: Do I need to modify my tanks to accommodate a Pulsair system?
A: About half the current Pulsair applications are in smaller tanks that require no modification. For larger tanks we need to consider the most appropriate system to deliver the air to the appropriate place in the tank and this could mean a fixed installation. In all cases we work closely with the customer to produce a system that they feel comfortable with. We then provide detailed installation instructions and drawings. We can even provide the labor for the installation if required.

Q: How long should I expect a Pulsair system to last?
A: We started supplying Pulsair systems around 15 years ago and many of those systems are still in use today. In use twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, three hundred and sixty five days a year. By following a regular maintenance program including filter changes you should expect to get in excess of the 15 years many of our customers have achieved.

Q: What do I do if the system fails?
A: As there are no moving parts inside the tank that means in the unlikely event that there is a component failure the component can be isolated and removed without removing the tank from service. All the components supplied by Pulsair are covered by a warranty and if they fail within the warrant period they'll be replaced free of charge. We have a complete supply of parts in our Sydney office.

Q: What if we have a compressor failure?
A: Because Pulsair uses only a miserly amount of air, it can work for a considerable amount of time using the air in the system. So it will still run while your air source is repaired. In some cases Pulsair will run on compressed gas cylinders if required.

Q: Can Pulsair operate on Dangerous or hazardous goods?
A: By switching the propellant from compressed air to an inert gas such as Nitrogen Pulsair can be the answer to mixing flammable, explosive or other difficult to handle materials. A vapor recovery system may be required.

Q: How many tanks can a Pulsair system handle?
A: In Theory, the skies the limit. Any where from one to what have you got. The Largest system is installed in over a hundred and twenty tanks at a single facility. The larger systems work by sending and electronic signal to an electro-pneumatic interface (EPI) that tells each valve when to fire. Each EPI is controlled from a single PLC. The PLC is only limited by the size of the memory in the P LC. When you buy your Pulsair system we work with you to provide the system that will do all that you need it to do in the future so we provide a system that will have the space to meet your needs whether its on one tank or a hundred.

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